What is better Wood or Composite Decks?

Every summer you bring out that lawn chair and set it out on the green grass saying this year I am going to build that deck that I’ve always wanted, invite my friends over for a BBQ and chill in the summer sun! As your mind starts sifting through the steps of getting started you realize that there are many choices to be made: A Contractor….we’ve got that one covered! Wood or Composite? Ahh, we will help you out on this one as well.

Choosing between wood and composite decking is a choice that comes down to your budget. Don’t get me wrong, both products have pros and cons, but the price point, your goals, and the longevity of time you plan on spending in your home are great factors to look at. Both materials come in low, mid and high end quality and of course the more you pay the less amount of maintenance you will have to do over the years.

Composite decking is an alternative to timber and it is made with recycled plastic and wood. An eco-friendly product can be used in many environments projects including outdoor dining, leisure areas, balconies and caravan decks, in addition to many decks of all shapes and sizes. It ranges $7 to $14 per SF all depending on the manufacturer. Upkeep on composite decking is considered low maintenance because they are susceptible to outside elements of pollen and mold and they do tend to fade, warp and scratch just like wood.

Wood decking using treated lumber is a high-quality, long lasting, natural wood choice that can stand the test of time. With choices of pine, cedar or mahogany you can’t go wrong for the look you want, however you will need to understand the type of wood you are looking at so you can see the amount of maintenance you will be facing. All wood decks will need to be sealed and stained at some point.

We hope that this brief article helps you decide which route you want to go. For an at home consultation give us a call today at 412-488-2811. We will be happy to direct you to the right choice based on your needs.