Completely satisfied with …the preplanning and help with the selection process!

D.C. Mullins Construction receives top stars of excellence by Gary and Joyce for the work done on their Wexford, PA home. Outstanding service with a personal touch. Professionalism at it’s best!  Quality, caring workmanship for another job well done!

Take a look at the survey ratings review below from Gary and Joyce of Wexford, PA!   (Source: GuildQuality Website)





Survey scale 0-4 Stars

1.Concern For Needs – The salesperson sought to understand my needs. —   4 Stars
2. Sales Solutions – The salesperson presented appropriate solutions for my project. —   4 Stars
3. Follow Up – The salesperson followed up with me in an appropriate and timely manner.  —   4 Stars
4. Communication – The staff at D.C. Mullins Construction communicates with me effectively.  —   4 Stars
5. Project Manager Professionalism – The Project Manager assigned to my project was professional and courteous.  —  4 Stars
6. Professional & Organized – D.C. Mullins Construction is organized and professional.  — 4 Stars
7. Clean & Safe – The job site is kept clean and safe.  —   4 Stars
8. Quality: Workmanship/Materials/Crew – I am satisfied with the quality of the workmanship, materials used and the construction crew.  —  4 Stars
9. Value – I feel I am receiving a fair value for my money.  —   4 Stars
10. Likely To Recommend – I am likely to recommend D.C. Mullins Construction to a friend.  —   4 Stars
11. Area For Improvement – In what area(s) do you think D.C. Mullins Construction fell short of your expectations if at all? — No areas
12. Area Of Satisfaction – In what area(s) were you most satisfied with your experience with D.C. Mullins Construction and why?  —  The preplanning and help with the selection process
13. Recognize Excellence – Is there anyone at D.C. Mullins Construction you would like to recognize for their exceptional service?  —  David Mullins and his 3 man crew